Board Members

National Assessment Governing Board (1998-1999)

Mark D. Musick, Chair
Southern Regional Education Board
Atlanta, Georgia
Board Category: General Public

Michael T. Nettles, Vice Chair
Professor of Education and Public Policy
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Board Category: Testing and Measurement Expert

Moses Barnes
Secondary School Principal
Hallandale, Florida
Board Category: High School Principal

Melanie Campbell
Fourth Grade Teacher
Topeka, Kansas
Board Category: 4th-Grade Teacher

Honorable Wilmer Cody
Commissioner of Education
Frankfort, Kentucky
Board Category: Chief State School Officer

Edward Donley
Former Chairman
Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.
Allentown, Pennsylvania
Board Category: General Public

Honorable John M. Engler
Governor of Michigan
Lansing, Michigan
Board Category: Governor-Republican

Thomas H. Fisher
Student Assessment Services
Florida Department of Education
Tallahassee, Florida
Board Category: Testing and Measurement Expert

Michael J. Guerra
Executive Director
National Catholic Education Association
Secondary School Department
Washington, DC
Board Category: Nonpublic School Adminstrator

Edward H. Haertel
School of Education
Stanford University
Stanford, California
Board Category: Testing and Measurement Expert

Juanita Haugen
Local School Board
Pleasanton, California
Board Category: Local School Board Member

Carole Kennedy
Elementary School Principal
Columbia, Missouri
Board Category: Elementary School Principal

Honorable Nancy K. Kopp
State Legislator
Annapolis, Maryland
Board Category: State Legislator-Democrat

Honorable William J. Moloney
Commissioner of Education
State of Colorado
Denver, Colorado
Board Category: Local Superintendent

Mitsugi Nakashima
First Vice-Chairperson
Hawaii State Board of Education
Honolulu, Hawaii
Board Category: State Board of Education Member

Honorable Norma Paulus
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Oregon State Department of Education
Salem, Oregon
Board Category: Chief State School Officer

Debra Paulson
Eighth Grade Teacher
El Paso, Texas
Board Category: 8th-Grade Teacher

Honorable Jo Ann Pottorff
Kansas House of Representatives
Wichita, Kansas
Board Category: State Legislator-Republican

Diane Ravitch
Senior Research Scholar
New York University
New York, New York
Board Category: General Public

Honorable Roy Romer
Governor of Colorado
Denver, Colorado
Board Category: Governor-Republican

John H. Stevens
Executive Director
Texas Business and Education Coalition
Austin, Texas
Board Category: Business/Industry Representative

Adam Urbanski
Rochester Teachers Association
Rochester, New York
Board Category: General Public

Deborah Voltz
Assistant Professor
Department of Special Education
University of Louisville
Louisville, Kentucky
Board Category: Curriculum Specialist

Marilyn A. Whirry
Twelfth-Grade English Teacher
Mira Costa High School
Manhattan Beach, California
Board Category: 12th-Grade Teacher

Dennie Palmer Wolf
Senior Research Associate
Harvard Graduate School of Education
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Board Category: Testing and Measurement Expert

Ex-Officio Member
C. Kent McGuire
Assistant Secretary of Education
Office of Educational Research and Improvement
U.S. Department of Education
Washington, DC