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Board Members

The Governing Board is made up of 26 members, including governors, state legislators, local and state school officials, educators and researchers, business representatives, and members of the general public. Members are appointed by the U.S. secretary of education.


Board Membership Composition in the NAEP Law

To make sure the Governing Board is widely representative, the NAEP law requires that it be composed of:

  • Two governors, or former governors, of different political parties
  • Two state legislators of different political parties
  • Two chief state school officers
  • One superintendent of a local education agency
  • One member of a state board of education
  • One member of a local board of education
  • Three classroom teachers representing the grade levels (4th, 8th, and 12th) at which NAEP is conducted
  • One business or industry representative
  • Two curriculum specialists
  • Three testing and measurement experts
  • One nonpublic school administrator or policymaker
  • Two school principals, one elementary and one secondary
  • Four additional members who are representative of the general public, including parents
  • The director of the Institute of Education Sciences (ex officio)