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Darvin M. Winick, Chair
Winick & Associates
Austin, Texas
Board Category: General Public

Amanda P. Avallone, Vice Chair
Assistant Principal and Eighth-Grade Teacher
Summit Middle School
Boulder, Colorado
Board Category: 8th-Grade Teacher

David J. Alukonis
Former Chairman
Hudson School Board
Hudson, New Hampshire
Board Category: Local School Board Member

Gregory Cizek
Professor of Educational Measurement
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Board Category: Testing and Measurement Expert

Carol D'Amico
President and Chief Executive Officer
Conexus Indiana
Indianapolis, Indiana
Board Category: Business Representative

Honorable David P. Driscoll
Commissioner of Education
Massachusetts Department of Education
Malden, Massachusetts
Board Category: Chief State School Officer

Louis Fabrizio
Division of Accountability Services
North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
Raleigh, North Carolina
Board Category: Testing & Measurement Expert

Honorable Anitere Flores
State Representative
Florida House of Representatives
Miami, Florida
Board Category: State Legislator-Republican

Alan J. Friedman
Museum Development and Science Communication
New York, New York
Board Category: General Public

David W. Gordon
Sacramento County Superintendent of Schools
Sacramento County Office of Education
Sacramento, California
Board Category: Local Superintendent

Robin C. Hall
Beecher Hills Elementary School
Atlanta, Georgia
Board Category: Elementary School Principal

Kathi M. King
Twelfth-Grade Teacher
Messalonskee High School
Oakland, Maine
Board Category: 12th-Grade Teacher

Kim M. Kozbial-Hess
Fourth-Grade Teacher
Hawkins Elementary School
Toledo, Ohio
Board Category: 4th-Grade Teacher

Henry Kranendonk
Mathematics Curriculum Specialist
Milwaukee Public Schools
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Board Category: Curriculum Specialist

James S. Lanich
California Business for Educational Excellence
Sacramento, California
Board Category: Business/Industry Representative

Honorable Cynthia Nava
New Mexico State Senator
Las Cruces, New Mexico
Board Category: State Legislator-Democrat

Honorable Steven L. Paine
State Superintendent of Schools
West Virginia Department of Education
Charleston, West Virginia
Board Category: Chief State School Officer

Honorable Sonny Perdue
Governor of Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia
Board Category: Governor-Republican

Susan Pimentel
Educational Consultant
Hanover, New Hampshire
Board Category: Curriculum Specialist

Andrew C. Porter
Director, Learning Sciences Institute
Peabody College
Vanderbilt University
Nashville, Tennessee
Board Category: Testing and Measurement Expert

Honorable Kathleen Sebelius
Governor of Kansas
Topeka, Kansas
Board Category: Governor-Democrat

Warren T. Smith, Sr.
Vice President
Washington State Board of Education
Olympia, Washington
Board Category: State Board of Education Member

Mary Frances Taymans, SND
Executive Director
Secondary Schools Division
National Catholic Educational Association
Washington, DC
Board Category: Nonpublic School Administrator

Oscar A. Troncoso
Socorro High School
Socorro Independent School District
El Paso, Texas
Board Category: High School Principal

Eileen Weiser
Civic Leader
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Board Category: General Public

Ex-Officio Member
John Q. Easton
Institute of Education Sciences
U.S. Department of Education
Washington, DC