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Mark D. Musick, Chair
Southern Regional Education Board
Atlanta, Georgia
Board Category: General Public

Honorable William T. Randall, Vice Chair
Commissioner of Education
State Department of Education
Denver, Colorado
Board Category: Chief State School Officer

Parris C. Battle
Education Specialist
Office of Grants Administration
Miami, Florida
Board Category: 4th-Grade Teacher

Honorable Evan Bayh
Governor of Indiana
Indianapolis, Indiana
Board Category: Governor-Democrat

Mary R. Blanton
Blanton & Blanton
Salisbury, North Carolina
Board Category: General Public

Boyd W. Boehlje
Gaas, Llyn & Boehlje
Pella, Iowa
Board Category: Local School Board Member

Linda R. Bryant
Dean of Students
Florence Reizenstein Middle School
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Board Category: 8th-Grade Teacher

Honorable Michael N. Castle
Governor of Delaware
Wilmington, Delaware
Board Category: Governor-Republican

Honorable Naomi K. Cohen
House of Representatives
State of Connecticut
Hartford, Connecticut
Board Category: State Legislator-Democrat

Charlotte A. Crabtree
Professor of Education
University of California
Los Angeles, California
Board Category: Curriculum Specialist

Chester E. Finn, Jr.
Professor of Education and Public Policy
Whittle Education/The Edison Project
Washington, DC
Board Category: General Public

Michael S. Glode
Wyoming State Board of Education
Saratoga, Wyoming
Board Category: State Board of Education Member

William (Jerry) Hume
Basic American, Inc.
San Francisco, California
Board Category: General Public

Christine Johnson
Director of K-12 Education
Littleton Public Schools
Littleton, Colorado
Board Category: High School Principal

John S. Lindley
Galloway Elementary School
Henderson, Nevada
Board Category: Elementary School Principal

Jason Millman
Professor of Educational and Public Policy
Cornell University
Ithaca, New York
Board Category: Testing and Measurement Expert

Richard P. Mills
Commissioner of Education
State Department of Education
Montpelier, Vermont
Board Category: Chief State School Officer

Carl J. Moser
Director of Schools
Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
St. Louis, Missouri
Board Category: Nonpublic School Adminstrator

John A. Murphy
Superintendent of Schools
Charlotte, North Carolina
Board Category: Local Superintendent

Michael T. Nettles
Professor of Education and Public Policy
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Board Category: Testing and Measurement Expert

Honorable Carolyn Pollan
House of Representatives
Fort Smith, Arkansas
Board Category: State Legislator-Republican

Thomas Topuzes
Senior Vice President
Valley Independent Bank
El Centro, California
Board Category: Business/Industry Representative

Marilyn A. Whirry
12th Grade English Teacher
Mira Costa High School
Manhattan Beach, California
Board Category: 12th-Grade Teacher

Ex-Officio Member
Diane Ravitch
Assistant Secretary and Counselor to the Secretary
U.S. Department of Education
Washington, DC