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Apryl Clarkson



Apryl Clarkson works in the Office of Data and Accountability as the Director of Research for the Boston Public Schools district. Apryl leads a team of 6 individuals whose roles span from Research Manager, Data Governance Manager, and State Assessment Manager. The mission of her team is to support the operations of research, evaluation and assessment through secure and appropriate access and responsible use of data throughout the district to advance educational equity, opportunity, and achievement for all students.

In a given day, Apryl and her team members can be found supporting data sharing processes (which include signing data sharing agreements and extracting data from SQL databases); analyzing data for small internal research requests; consulting with departments on research/evaluation plans; reviewing and approving external research; managing assessment contracts with vendors; rostering students and staff to a variety of data systems; and building the organization's data governance policy across a wide set of data domains.