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Submission Requirements

Submission Requirements for the National Assessment Governing Board

The following materials are required to complete your submission: 

1) Personal Statement

Your personal statement should reflect your understanding of the educational landscape and the role of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)—also known as The Nation’s Report Card; describe the types of experiences that will inform your deliberations as a member of the Governing Board; and explain the reasons you are interested in serving. Your statement should also demonstrate the unique and valuable contribution you would make to the Board, if appointed, based on your background, experiences, and expertise.

Your personal statement should not be longer than one page.

2) Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume

Your CV or resume should highlight key activities that reflect the knowledge, skills, and experiences you will bring to your service on the Governing Board. Your CV or resume should not exceed six pages.

3) Letter(s) of Support

You are required to submit one letter of support. Letters should show support of your qualifications and strengths to serve as a Board member. You may submit up to two additional letters, for a total of three. There are no requirements about the role or title of the individuals you select to write letters on your behalf. If you are nominated, it is preferred that one letter of support come from the person who nominated you. We recommend that each letter of support not exceed two pages. 

Format Requirements

All materials must be uploaded as PDF documents. All documents must use size 11 font or larger and must have margins of at least ½ inch. Documents may be single- or double-spaced.

How to Submit Nominations

The Governing Board will accept nominations from Aug. 8, 2022, through Oct. 14, 2022, for appointments that begin Oct. 1, 2023. All nominations must be submitted online. You will upload all submission materials through our online form, which will launch on Aug. 8, including your letter(s) of support. We recommend that you collect those letters in advance of initiating your submission; however, you will be allowed to edit your submission until the submission deadline.

Questions about the submission requirements or having issues with the submission form? Email us at