In our nation, too many students are performing at levels that are unacceptably low. Low achievement threatens students' chances to get well-paying jobs, act as informed citizens, and lead fulfilling lives. And it affects us all: Low achievement threatens the country's economy, national security, and international competitiveness. The need to improve student achievement is urgent.

That is why the National Assessment Governing Board is convening the Education Summit for Parent Leaders - a day of bold ideas and thought-provoking presentations. More than 150 parent leaders from across the country who are concerned about education will come away with new knowledge and skills that will help their efforts to work with school leaders to improve student achievement in their local communities.

The Education Summit for Parent Leaders offers a day of inspiration and action that is divided up into distinct areas outlined below.

Morning plenary session: The day starts with stimulating presentations from leaders in education, civil rights, business, and government about why it is urgent to improve achievement and close achievement gaps.

Afternoon hands-on workshop: Working in small groups, parent leaders will learn how to use National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) data and resources to have productive conversations with education leaders in their communities by knowing the right questions to ask about student achievement.