How NAEP Results Are Reported

How NAEP Results Are Reported

The National Assessment of Educational Progress provides the only nationally representative report on student achievement in a variety of subjects. Starting in 2013, NAEP results will be published mainly online, on a website that will give the public access to an interactive version of the report card. An executive summary will be available in print to accompany the online data. The online resource provides detailed information on the nature of the assessment, the demographics of the students who participate, and the assessment results.

The Nation's Report Card includes information on the performance of various subgroups of students at the national level. Subgroups for NAEP include:

  • Gender;
  • Race/ethnicity;
  • Eligibility for free/reduced-price lunch;
  • Students with disabilities; and
  • English language learners.

Detailed data on NAEP results, demographic variables, and subject-specific background information are available via the NAEP Data Explorer on the website. Additional restricted data are available for scholarly research, subject to National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) licensing procedures.

The Nation's Report Card provides results on the performance of students in public schools in various states as well as in the NAEP Trial Urban Districts. The Trial Urban District Assessment was initiated in 2002 to report on the achievement of public school students in large urban districts. The NAEP Technology and Engineering Literacy Assessment will not be administered as part of the Trial Urban District Assessment program. Results will be reported only at the national level.