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Governing Board Approves Reading Framework for the 2026 National Assessment of Educational Progress

The National Assessment Governing Board sets policy for the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), also known as The Nation’s Report Card. An important responsibility of the Board is overseeing development of NAEP frameworks, the blueprint for the content and design of each NAEP assessment. 

For more than two years, the Board has conducted a comprehensive process to update the NAEP Reading Framework, which was last updated in 2004 and does not reflect NAEP’s transition to digital based administration. The process has included convening expert panels who provided recommendations on how to revise the framework, soliciting public comment, and making further updates through a Board member working group convened by Chair Haley Barbour to incorporate stakeholder feedback and input from Board members.

The Governing Board approved the final version of the 2026 NAEP Reading Assessment Framework at its quarterly meeting August 5. This page includes the framework, an announcement of the decision, and materials that provide background on the framework and the development process.