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Governing Board Wins Major Marketing Award for NAEP Grade 12 and Preparedness Releases

National Assessment Governing Board 
Receives Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award

Campaign for The Nation’s Report Card Recognized for Innovative Strategy

WASHINGTON – (October 21, 2014) — The National Assessment Governing Board has been recognized for achieving influence and impact with its campaign to release “The Nation’s Report Card: 2013 Mathematics and Reading, Grade 12” and college preparedness findings. The campaign included live and webcast events as well as outreach to stakeholders and media, and played an important role in expanding the national dialogue about preparing students for college and careers.

The Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award (MEA) Silver Award in Education Marketing recognized the Governing Board’s success in crafting an educational campaign that reached national stakeholders in K-12, higher education, business and workforce development. The campaign also armed local stakeholders in 13 pilot states with specific data on students participating in state-level assessments.

"Sharing the NAEP academic preparation results for our nation's 12th graders, specifically preparedness for higher education, provides information the public, the business community, educators, parents and other stakeholders can use to address local concerns and identify appropriate interventions,” said Cornelia Orr, executive director of the Governing Board. “We are thankful for this recognition and see this award as encouragement to continue exploring innovative ways to engage key audiences that are involved with college and career readiness."

As part of its campaign, the Governing Board hosted two events — one webinar and one in-person gathering — that together attracted over 200 attendees representing more than 130 stakeholder organizations in K-12 and higher education, workforce development and education policy. The campaign led to 68 original local and national news stories. Social media discussion was equally strong, totaling more than 1,200 on-topic mentions, including 440 tweets using the campaign’s designated hashtag. Tweets reached more than 3.1 million Twitter users.

Reingold, the Governing Board’s communications contractor, developed and executed the winning campaign and submitted the entry for the awards competition. Only 8 percent of the 890 Summit MEA entries this year received the Silver Award in Education Marketing. The Summit MEA recognizes organizations for innovative, creative work that demonstrates successful use of strategy and displays results-based effectiveness, and comes with a prestigious 20-year reputation and international recognition. Learn more at

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