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Rebecca Gagnon

Rebecca Gagnon
Current Position
Former Director
Minneapolis Board of Education
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Board Term
October 2012 - September 2020
Board Category
Local School Board Member
Representative Board Activities
Chair — Reporting and Dissemination Committee
Member — Executive Committee
B.A. Stephens College - Social Science

Rebecca Gagnon, a longtime educator and parent leader, is a former director and chair of the Minneapolis Board of Education, a policymaking body responsible for selecting the superintendent and overseeing the budget, curriculum, personnel and facilities of a district that includes about 100 public schools and serves more than 36,000 students . A parent of three children who attended Minneapolis Public Schools, Ms. Gagnon previously has served in a variety of paid and volunteer positions involving education and youth outreach, including a role as PTA president in Austin, Texas, and a parent volunteer in Singapore, working extensively with youth. Ms. Gagnon also previously worked as a law clerk, legal research assistant, and event planner.