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We Need You!

Are you interested in making an impact on education and assessment? We are seeking passionate and qualified individuals to fill five open Board positions for appointment next year.
The nominations period opens on September 8. For more information, including how to apply, check out our website
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Insights into Social Studies Instruction in Schools

Curious about what kinds of things 8th graders are learning about in their social studies classes? NAEP Civics has the answer and our latest graphics tell the story. 
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Resources and Tools

Watch our recent NAEP Data Workshop to learn how to utilize data tools and get the most out of the NAEP Geography results. NAEP has a wealth of data on how students perform and learn across grades and subject areas.
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READ highlights from our July quarterly Board meeting discussion on the 2021 NAEP administration. 

LEARN why it is important to build students' knowledge and vocabulary to combat stagnant NAEP Reading scores. 

READ a new report that examines the impact of cuts to education funding on student performance using NAEP data.

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