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Video: Board Members Explain the Value of NAEP

Members of the Governing Board describe why NAEP is a valuable national asset and discuss the many ways the data can be used to improve student achievement.
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Analysis Uses NAEP to Chart Educational Opportunity

A new report by Board member Andrew Ho and his colleagues at the Educational Opportunity Project at Stanford University compares student test scores and achievement gaps in communities across the nation. It would not have been possible without data from NAEP.
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Resources and Tools

Want to know more about Mississippi's gains in reading on NAEP after Superintendent Carey Wright's appearance at NAEP Day? Read how state leaders used NAEP as a guide to improvement.
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READ The New York Times' coverage of the 2019 results, including reactions from policymakers and advocates.

READ a series of predictions from education policy thinkers about the 2019 NAEP results to see who was right.

READ about the debate over loosening time restrictions on the SAT, quoting Board member Greg Cizek on a different approach to making assessments more equitable.

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