Infographics Highlight NAEP Score Improvement

Discover which states' and jurisdictions' fourth- and eighth-grade mathematics and reading NAEP scores improved the most from 2009 to 2017. Spoiler alert: Arizona and Mississippi made the top 10 most-improved list in every category. See who else made strong NAEP gains.
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Motion Graphics Break Down District NAEP Results

We explore key statistics from the 2017 Trial Urban District Assessment (TUDA) and focus on absenteeism, grade 8 NAEP mathematics scores and algebra enrollment, and grade 4 NAEP reading score growth. Take a look:
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Resources and Tools

The National Center for Education Statistics' International Data Explorer allows users to analyze and compare data on student performance from the United States and other countries. The tool includes data from international assessments and surveys that capture thousands of contextual variables. Users can create custom reports, build statistical tests, run regression analyses, and more. 
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READ Governing Board member Gov. Bev Perdue's interview with The 74 on educating the future workforce.

LEARN about student achievement gaps in civics and other subjects in a new Brookings report based on 20 years of NAEP scores.

DISCOVER key statistics, including NAEP results, behind the past school year's major education stories.
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