Videos: Discussion of 2017 NAEP Mathematics and Reading Results

Did you miss the release of the 2017 National Assessment of Educational Progress in Mathematics and Reading? NAEP Day featured results for the nation, states/jurisdictions, and 27 urban school districts. Watch videos of the event on our website, including panels of state and district leaders and reading experts.
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Don’t delay! The deadline for applying to serve as the next executive director of the National Assessment Governing Board is coming up soon. Visit our website for information on requirements for the position and how to apply.
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Resources and Tools

Watch a new video that explains the steps taken by the National Center for Education Statistics to ensure that NAEP’s transition to a digital platform would still allow accurate comparisons to past paper-and-pencil assessments given in previous years.
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LEARN from The Atlantic about why NAEP Day’s panel of reading experts believe shifting the focus of reading instruction in schools to building students’ content knowledge would help to improve reading scores.

READ an analysis from the Brookings Institution discussing the gradual decline in racial and ethnic achievement gaps on NAEP Mathematics and Reading since the early 2000s, including a state-by-state look at Grade 8 results.

READ coverage in Education Week of the results of the 2017 Trial Urban District Assessment showing that large urban districts are improving faster than the nation as a whole and what steps specific districts are taking to improve educational outcomes. 
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