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New Video: Overseeing The Nation's Report Card 

How does the National Assessment Governing Board set policy for NAEP? In a new video, four board members—a local superintendent, a classroom teacher, a state legislator, and the president of a science museum—explain their roles. Their goal: Maintaining the National Assessment of Educational Progress as the gold standard of assessment to drive educational improvement.
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Does Attendance Affect Student Performance?

See how student attendance relates to performance on the NAEP science assessment in Grade 8.
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Resources and Tools

Confused about what Proficient means on the National Assessment of Educational Progress? Explore the achievement levels set by the Governing Board.
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READ a commentary by Gov. Bill Haslam of Tennessee on the recognition the state is receiving for its students’ improving NAEP scores

LEARN more about a study by Sean Reardon, a professor at Stanford University, using NAEP data to help determine which districts and states are making the most improvement.

READ an article exploring whether reports of Chicago students’ test score gains are supported by evidence from NAEP.
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