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For Policymakers

"Through the NAEP, this information challenges governors, state legislators, state chiefs, and local superintendents to keep high standards and high expectations for our children, regardless of race, economic status, or disability…"
–U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander
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    NAEP Question Tool

    The NAEP Questions Tool (NQT) provides access to over 2000 released questions from NAEP assessments in all NAEP subject areas. Discover what we ask of our nation’s students.

    Watch video of features

    Go to NAEP Question Tool

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    State Profiles

    Create tables that compare states/jurisdictions based on average scale scores for public school students within a single assessment year, or that compare the change in performance between two assessment years. The results can be shown on maps, and there is a comprehensive Help system. See all States

    Quick Reference Guide

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    TUDA Profiles


    TUDA Profiles’ as headline: Results from the NAEP Trial Urban District Assessment (TUDA) make it possible to compare the performance of students in 21 urban districts to public school students in large cities. Results include mathematics, reading, writing, and science for grades 4 and 8.

    See TUDA Profiles.

    Read about our most recent TUDA cities added for 2011 assessments and the history of the program.



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    Recent NAEP Releases

    The Governing Board coordinates the release event of each NAEP Report Card. See a list of the most recent releases, complete with multimedia materials.


Welcome to NAEP Information for Policymakers.  These webpages were designed to give local and state leaders easy access to useful data about student achievement and other NAEP products and services.  Please explore these webpages.  We invite your comments and suggestions.


NAEP is the only continuing source of national data on student achievement at grades 4, 8, and 12 in key subjects.  

NAEP is also the only source of comparable state-level achievement results in reading, mathematics, science and writing.

In addition, 21 large urban districts voluntarily participate in the NAEP Trial Urban District Assessment program (TUDA).

Find data for your state or participating urban district.

Check out a list of NAEP Resources you might find useful.

The Governing Board-Chief Council of School State Officers Policy Task Force is part of the Board's effort to expand involvement and input from state education leaders. Read more about this

See major policies set by the Governing Board.

Tools for Policy Makers

NAEP online data tools screenshotOnline data tools for NAEP allow local and state leaders to dig deeper into the assessment.

NAEP state comparison tools screenshotState Comparisons: Create tables and maps that compare scores in states and jurisdictions for selected groups of public school students within a single year, or compare the change in performance between two years.

NAEP Data Explorer screenshotData Explorer:  Create statistical tables, charts, and maps on NAEP reports and special studies.