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Munira Mwalimu

Munira Mwalimu
Current Position
Executive Officer & Contracting Officer
Certified Meeting Planner (C.M.P.) - Convention Liaison Council, Washington, DC
S.J.D. Georgetown University Law Center - Washington, DC
LL.M. Georgetown University Law Center - Washington, DC
LL.M. University of Zambia
LL.B. University of Zambia

Dr. Mwalimu serves as the Governing Board's Executive Officer. In this capacity, she executes contracts for the Governing Board, manages the Board's budget submission and execution, and provides oversight of the Board's administrative operations. In addition, she manages the personnel and administrative actions of Board members and staff. Dr. Mwalimu also serves as the Board's Principal Liaison Officer for the Office of Committee Management, and is an Information Technology Coordinator at the Department of Education. Dr. Mwalimu is the principal staff person responsible for the execution of the Board's quarterly meeting agenda and is the contact person for Federal Register notices. Dr. Mwalimu previously served as Senior Project Director for Aspen Systems Corporation and managed contracts with the U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Social Security Administration, and U.S. Department of Education. She also taught law at the University of Zambia. Dr. Mwalimu holds LLB and LLM degrees from the University of Zambia, and LLM and S.J.D. degrees from Georgetown University Law Center in Washington D.C.